About Us and Our Palms

Our Palms Were Planted With a Purpose...​


Back in 2006, acres of these beautiful palms were planted with the greatest of care, specifically for new luxury home developers and commercial landscape projects during the building rush.

Unfortunately, the economic downturn that hit SW Florida did not cooperate with these plans.  The building and development boom came to a harsh and abrupt halt.  The companies that these beautiful palms were intended for all evaporated.

But ever gorgeous and strong, these palms have proven that they can survive and thrive, growing tall and proud! 


These are not weak, spindly, finicky little palms that have been coddled, spoon fed or fussed over.  These fabulous specimens have been "weather hardened" by growing tall and strong against drought, hurricanes and overgrowth.  They have not been assaulted with chemicals, pesticides or treatments.  They are all natural and have pulled the nutrients they need from the soil beneath them for well over a decade.

Having only been recently cleared of massive overgrowth, these incredible palms are now accessible and available to be moved and proudly grace the landscapes of their new 'forever' homes.


Our Palms Are Specially Prepared for Their New Homes...​

We pull our mature palms with a specialized, custom made hydraulic machine that cuts a consistent and precisely sized large 44" root ball from the ground.  This keeps more native soil around the roots which aids the prevention of any transplant shock.  It also helps the roots continue to receive the moisture and nutrients they need from the soil around them after being pulled.  All of our harvested Sylvester and Canary palms have been fully inoculated and trunk treated.

This is an amazing opportunity to obtain an amazing mature landscape palm.  These beauties are sure to be the main feature, focal point or statement piece of your tropical dream vision!

We Have Young Palms Too!

Every adult palm has to start out as a little seedling, then get nurtured and grow up big and strong!

We regrow and repropagate our palms, and also add new species and other plants too.

We have 3 gallon and 7 gallon potted palms and plants available, some even up to 15 gallon.

You can take them home and DIY it, or we can certainly arrange delivery & installation.

Come and see what we have available! 

Want To Watch Our Farm In Action?

Check out our YouTube Channel:  Mature Florida Palms!

Watch our videos on trimming, treating and harvesting our palms.  We also have videos on clearing property, equipment operation of our Bobcat T740 with lots of attachments like a Wolverine bush hog, a Danuser Intimidator, and a Big John Tree Spade.  Plus tips & tricks we've learned and a bunch of other fun stuff!  We post new videos all the time!


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